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05 February 2008 @ 09:14 pm
As you might have noticed i haven't updated the com in a couple of weeks. I like this community really much but i'm not able to keep it working how it should alone (considering that our weekly themes are not weekly since i put only every two weeks). I don't have much time since i try to do a lot of things during my vacations... and when i enter to the university on march i'll have even less time. So that's why i'm asking for help to those who have a little time. I'm looking for mods (to think and post themes) and bannermakers (who will make the banners for the weekly winners). Any type of help is welcomed!! Thanks a lot and please help me because i don't want this community to die.

p.d: i wanted to post the votation for week 4 before this one but i'm really busy because i'm going on vacations tomorrow. So when i come back i'll post it... i hope that when i come back i'll have more help T_T.