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08 June 2008 @ 10:46 am
Challenge 5: Submission Post  
Posting this before my graduation party. :)
I know a lot of people might be interested in this challenge, which is why I chose it - let's have a hefty submission turnout, yes? :)

Theme: Community Icon
Design a default icon for lovecom_awards. There are no catches, except the icon must have the community's full name on it somewhere, and it must be legible. Please take your time and do your best for this one. :)

► You may submit up to three icons.
► Do not double-post or share your icons until after the challenge is over.
► Each icon must be compatible with LiveJournal (100x100, 40kb max).
► Animation is fine.
Submissions must be in by Friday, June 13th at 9pm EST to this post.
NOTICE: Due to lack of participation - which I completely expected, unfortunately - there is currently no deadline until I announce one, so please feel free to submit as long as this notice is here.

How to submit:

URL: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/layerkat/avatars/risaotani2.jpg


Comments are screened! Good luck.
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