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26 May 2008 @ 06:45 pm
in regards to lack of activity  
Hi, everyone! My name's Misti, and I'll be running lovecom_awards for awhile. aisha_san says she has been too busy as of late to maintain the community, so I hope to get things back on track soon.
That said, I apologise for the terrible inactivity and hope there are still folks interested in participating. I will have everything sorted out soon, but since I still don't have full abilities and thus do not have access to the most recent icon submission, I cannot open up voting for that particular week. I will try to have a new contest up in about two weeks or so, hopefully earlier.
It'd be great to know how many people still want to participate in lovecom_awards and suggestions for contest themes or edits to the community are always encouraged, so please feel free to reply to this entry if you have any inquiries or comments. :) Stay tuned for more activity!
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